The following answers aren't 100% complete and I won't be working on them after today.

If anyone likes them, please consider adopting them and improving.

  1. Which predictions of the Force Awakens: Darths & Droids Bingo were correct?

    I have completed answers to 70 out of 74 sub-questions.

    4 still don't have satisfactory sub-answers.

    Also, ~12 sub-answers are fine but would be awesomer if someone includes a screenshot.

    I included a complete list of suggested maintenance into the end of the answer.

  2. What are the things that “The Force Awakens” borrowed/parallel from “A New Hope?”

  3. Which things/characters do “The Force Awakens” and “A New Hope” have in common?

    They seems somewhat complete content wise but really could use TLC to organize them better than a flat list of bullets. Thematically or chronologically etc...

    They could also use enrichment; links and/or pictures, to be improved.

  4. What were all those visions Rey saw?

    Needs film screenshots for the individual scenes.

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