Hulk vs. Superman - did they ever fight? Who won?

While this LOOKS like a Shark-vs-Gorilla, it is actually fully and eminently answerable... because there WERE comics in which Superman fought Hulk:

  • Fight #1: 1981 "DC and MARVEL present: #28: SUPERMAN and SPIDER-MAN".

    • That comic featured a fight between Hulk and Superman.

    • Hulk gets all hulked-out... but can't hurt or move Superman.

    • In the end, he's so exhausted, he converts back to Bruce Banner.

    This clearly shows Superman winning.

  • Fight #2: 1996 "MARVEL COMIC vs DC #3: The showdow of the century".

    • It was a part of this special series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_vs._Marvel

    • Hulk vs Superman were one of the 5 fights which were decided by fan votes.

    • Superman made Hulk bleed from mouth and then knocked him out.

    This clearly shows Superman winning.

  • Fight #3: 2001 "The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman". Play-by0

    • Hulk hits Superman pretty hard - knockdown.

    • Hulk throws Superman high up. No damage.

    • Superman flies fast and knocks Hulk away, through a bunch of rock. Knockdown.

    • Superman twirls Hulk, and throws him far far away

    • They fight some more, no damage.

    • Both are blasted from the sky with some rockets shot by presumably militarty. Both had wind knocked out of them.

    • Hulk throws a bunch of rockets at Superman.

    • All the while Superman tries to tell Hulk they were set up and shouldn't fight. While punching him, successfully :)

    • Then Hulk listened.

This one was more even handed but Superman has an edge as he hurt/knocked down/punched off Hulk more than vice versa.

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