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Multiple Neverending Stories?

It might be useful to link them, but I don't think they should be closed as duplicates of one another. If we were to take that approach we'd need to figure out which of the various shows is the ...
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Is this historical fiction question on topic?

The actual "luck of Troy" mentioned in the title is a statuette of Pallas Athena: little black stone image of Pallas Athena which fell from heaven right on the spot where it stands in the ...
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Is this historical fiction question on topic?

There are no such things as "fantasy elements". The absence of so-called "fantasy elements" does not mean that a work is not fantasy, and their presence in a mainstream work (e.g. ...
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Is this historical fiction question on topic?

I've voted to close it. Works of historical fiction are off-topic, as are works based on real-world mythology, particularly those that don't contain any science fiction or fantasy content. We've had a ...
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List of bounties with no deadlines

I am offering the highest possible bounty, namely 500, (leading to a total of 525 reputations with the 15 of acceptance and an extra upvote that I also promise - it does not cost me anything!), for ...
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