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2022 January Orson Scott Card’s The Last Shadow Favorite Questions and Answers from Fourth Quarter 2021


Topic challenges The fourth quarter of 2021 saw the continuation of SFF.SE's topic challenge program, with three topic challenges completed during this quarter: Gene Wolfe, Samuel R. Delany, and Elizabeth Moon. The October challenge produced five questions from two distinct users (Buzz, Rand al'Thor). Only two of them were answered (Wolfe's enigmatic work ...


I liked this question. It was inspired by a Q on Climbing:SE and created some nice cross-site chatter. How was this shot of River Tam on the ceiling managed in Serenity? I spent quite a lot of time researching this one and I really want to find an answer that goes beyond "it's something weird that Villeneuve shoved in because he thought it was cool&...

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