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Should we allow or indicate non-English titles for SFF works along the English title?

While movies tend to retain their original titles worldwide, with a bit of leeway in the translation, TV series and books translated in other languages often have titles that are far removed from the ...
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Why does the site think my question is subjective?

I recently asked this question on the scifi stack exchange. After I typed the question, I got a blurb that said "The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed." I'm ...
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Should questions about TV shows include episode titles?

I am mostly asking about TV shows whose seasons are released at once, but the question could bee made broader to include any show. When I see here a question about a "traditional" TV show on the main ...
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Does a title always have to be a question, ended with a question mark? [duplicate]

I have seen some titles that are not real questions, just telling the issue that will be dealt with. Is it a good practice? Is it mandatory for titles to be questions and end with question marks? ...
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How does the community feel about including asterisks, underscores or similar plaintext conventions in question titles?

I just asked a question which included a question within a pair of asterisks; the word was intended to be read with emphasis, and that is how I would interpret this when reading it. This was almost ...
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Should this be a clickbait site, or should we stand by SE standards of question quality?

[Edit: Richard is stepping down. This was NOT the desired outcome, here. At most, I hoped for clarified policies: a learning opportunity, not a blame-and-punishment game. I really hope this question ...
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What's wrong with this title construction?

Numerous questions use a similar construction to avoid spoilers. That is, referring to the question vaguely: "How did this character do this?" or "Why wasn't this tried?", etc. It can be quite ...
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Character Death Spoilers In Title

Very similar to this unanswered meta question. Should we allow the obfuscating a character's name when the question is about his/her/its death? In particular, this question about Merlin (BBC) was ...
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What are the guidelines for 'descriptive' and 'searchable' title?

Very often we get questions which have very (IMO) generic and un-descriptive title. This is mainly the case for story-identification questions. For example: 90s fantasy book need id What is the TV ...
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Should "Story identification" be mentioned in the question as well?

Apart from the "story-identification" tag, shouldn't OPs mention the same in the question title so that it is easier to spot? I ask this because I see several questions with only the tag but nothing ...
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Why is the /questions URL labelled different than all other SE sites?

I have a bookmark that goes to the /question URL of a bunch of sites I monitor. I notice that the Title in the browser for all of them is Newest questions. But on Sci Fi-SE it is Recently Active ...
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Are spoiler edits becoming excessive?

There seems to be a growing trend lately of question titles being edited to replace any object, person or plot point for a recent movie or TV episode with a vague "this X", resulting in titles like "...
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22 votes
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Is it OK for titles to have tags in them?

Inspired by a suggested edit to this post... The suggested edit was to remove the name of the work (Tron: Legacy, in this case) from the question title - because it was already tagged with the name ...
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Abbreviations in question-titles, okay?

Some questions, such as this (until I edited it), have abbreviations in it that those 'in the know' would know what they refer to (for example, 'st:tng'). A possible concern would be: if this site ...
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When Should We Edit a Title?

The most common edit other users do with my posts is to edit my title and change my title's formatting when the formatting is already correct. I have my preference for a title's style and I respect ...
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Is it okay to have spoilers in question titles?

I'm currently watching Star Trek TNG. While skimming through the Stack Exchange hot questions list, I saw a question in scifi.SE that spoiled the death of a character. Should I leave a comment telling ...
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