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Can We use some pictures for our school project

This is cleveland middle school. We are doing a project which needs a picture of a prosthetic arm. Could we possibly use your site's picture for our project.we will cite your name in the credit.
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What's our position on leaked material that was obtained illegally?

Some leaks can from accidental statements by actors, or the like. I'm not talking about that. I'm think of blackhat leaks, which can be illegal. Do we allow such leaks on the site?
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Youtube usage policy

We now have the ability to embed Youtube clips. However, this opens up a new can of worms, or at least reopens an old can of worms. The Stack Exchange terms of service state: Subscriber ...
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Can images added to SFF content **without attribution** violate copyright?

Are images added to SFF content without attribution violating copyright (merely by not having attribution, e.g. if - merely by adding attribution - copyright is no longer violated)? Just to be clear, ...
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Legality of screen caps in the blog

I'm trying to get the group-viewing-event into a blog post (I know, I'm like a month behind! I blame school...) and I want to include screencaps of the show in the blog post for visual references... ...
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Should We Allow Links to Sources of a Questionable Legal Status?

I was just reading a question where an answer provided a link to a script of a two part episode of a television show. This is not hosted on a production company website, it's what appears to be a ...
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