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Can I post pictures from the artwork (manga, manhua etc), when answering questions with #story-identification tag? [duplicate]

When people ask to help them identify the story, they might not need any of that. But people who never read the story or remember it too vaguely usually find it difficult to understand the thought ...
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How to handle answers edited to add something that appears to infringe copyright

Back in 2016, someone asked a story ID question about a novel, which was answered, and in April of 2018 I added an answer mentioning a short story by the same author which I thought fit the ...
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What should we do about suspected plagiarism of SFF.SE content on other websites?

So I'm browsing YouTube and I come across a video titled "Why Wasn't Palpatine Removed as Chancellor after Zillo Beast Attack(Canon) Explain Star Wars" by BessY. It has over 460,000 views. ...
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Is it legal and allowed to put pictures from films in questions?

For example, in this question about a scene in the film Metropolis, is it allowed to copy the image from a web site and put it directly in the question? It's my understanding it breaks copyright but I'...
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Is it acceptable to include a scan of comic book page?

In a question I asked I would like to show the relevant page in the comic book. Is this allowed, and if so what citation should I use? I have it scanned in a jpeg format.
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Is this site supposed to be copying our questions and answers?

I hope this is the right place to post this. If you go to this link you'll see that it is one of my questions, with comments, and answers here on Sci-Fi/Fantasy Stack Exchange. I'm not sure if this ...
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How does copyright between SE sites work?

I just rejected a Suggested Edit for a tag wiki, for copied content. The issue, and source of my question, is that it was copied from gaming.SE's tag wiki for the game. Looking at the copyright ...
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Can images added to SFF content **without attribution** violate copyright?

Are images added to SFF content without attribution violating copyright (merely by not having attribution, e.g. if - merely by adding attribution - copyright is no longer violated)? Just to be clear, ...
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Is it OK to post quotations from copyrighted works? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Bring the content here Is it OK legally and ethically and is there an official SE policy regarding quotations of copyrighted works. I quoted one sentence from A Game Of ...
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Should We Allow Links to Sources of a Questionable Legal Status?

I was just reading a question where an answer provided a link to a script of a two part episode of a television show. This is not hosted on a production company website, it's what appears to be a ...
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