Why does my profile picture keep changing? Is this a bug?
And why can't I change it back?
There's only ever 1 default image to choose from, even though I know there are many different default pictures.
Does anyone know how I can change it back?

  • P.S. I uploaded a different picture because I didn't like the new default image.
    – djm
    Commented Dec 15, 2013 at 3:26

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From a Meta.SO post, Unexpectedly changing identicon

Since recently we are salting creation of hashes for generating identicons for users that do not have a gravatar account. This is because there were some concerns that the gravatar identicon urls leak email addresses.

If you're so attached to your old identicon register with gravatar, and use your identicon as the profile image.

If you really want, you can download your old identicon and manually upload it.

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