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I have written too many of these things. It's hard to keep coming up with new ways to phrase the same tired old information.

I was born 12 October 1950. I discovered science fiction before I was out of elementary school. I have been reading constantly since I was seven. I haven't stopped yet. I discovered science fiction fandom and found out that they weren't publishing this entire genre of fiction just for me ... though it felt like it at times.

I'm gay, out, proud, and weird as you can be and still not be locked up. I've recently -- within the last five years -- acknowledged that I'm a transgirl who is currently undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy. Gay, trans, pretty much asexual but gayromantic, androgynous, and a few more categories that never fit comfortably. I like hypnosis and have several files available on I also have multiple personalities, which causes all sorts of problems with pronouns. Besides the ordinary male/female problems with pronouns, I also have singular v. plural problems. Several of my hypnosis files were written to cause others who wanted another personality or two to have their wish granted. Another was written to cause people to shrink in height. Yes, it works. This reality is extremely malleable. One guy -- I wrote a special version of my Shrinking file for him -- shrank from almost five feet seven inches to three feet five inches, a twenty-five-inch difference. I also love various mythologies. I am, of course, pagan. I mortgaged my soul a few decades ago. I'm sure I got the best of that deal.

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