Paulo Cereda

Wacky Brazilian bloke, TeX evangelist, duck enthusiast, Pringles-powered theoretical computer science researcher. Quack! On a more serious note, I'm a Brazilian developer and programmer. I've been using LaTeX since 2007 for virtually everything - articles, theses, songbooks, music sheets, slides, labels, visiting cards, you name it. TeX/LaTeX is always my first choice when I have to produce high quality documents. I never regreted of using it.

Though I'm light years far from being a TeXpert, I'm always eager to learn.

On the Computer Science side, my areas of interest include Automata Theory, Adaptive Technology and Programming Languages. I have some opensource projects hosted in SourceForge.net and GitHub.com.

My humble contributions to CTAN, TeX Live and the TeX community so far:

  • arara: a TeX automation tool based on rules and directives. arara gives you subsidies to enhance your TeX experience.
  • checkcites: a Lua script written for the sole purpose of detecting unused or undefined references from both LaTeX auxiliary or bibliography files. My good friend Enrico Gregorio encouraged me and gave me great ideas to write this script, so we came up with this script.
  • TeX Live PT-BR: This project consists of providing a Brazilian Portuguese translation file for TeX Live. The translation file pt_br.po is now incorporated into the official release in order to provide localized content to the TeX users in the Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • TeXPrinter: TeXPrinter is a Java application designed for the sole purpose of printing threads from here. TeXPrinter currently can print threads to tex and pdf formats.

In my ToDo list:

  • Finish The TeXbook and The LaTeX Companion.
  • Learn Metapost, PSTricks and TikZ, in that order.
  • Learn LaTeX3 and somehow help the project.
  • Implement a complete LaTeX3 editor.
  • Watch a cricket match with Joseph Wright and David Carlisle.
  • Have a pet duck. :)

If you want to support LaTeX development by a donation, the best way to do this is donating to the TeX Users Group.

LaTeX isn't for everyone but it could be for you. :)