Eliah Kagan

#StopTheShock | ASAN

My Contact Info - Email

For business inquiries: eliah.kagan@gmail.com

For anything: degeneracypressure@gmail.com or send me a message via Launchpad. Launchpad messages go to that email address, but messages through Launchpad may be a better way to get my attention if I'm not anticipating your message and we haven't talked before.

My Contact Info - Chat

The Stack Exchange site I'm most active on (by far) is Ask Ubuntu, followed by Unix & Linux. I don't use SE's chat system nearly as often as I used to, but if I chat anywhere on SE then I'll probably drop into the Ask Ubuntu General Room too. If you have enough rep to chat (20 network-wide), you can ping me there. If I've been there in the last three days then I'll be notified, though I may not see or reply immediately. To do this, include @EliahKagan in your message. Or feel free to invite me to another room.

I use some of the popular general-purpose chat systems:

  • Google Talk (XMPP): degeneracypressure@gmail.com
    (OTR key fingerprint: 143E7035 5162A84C 6A693241 EA34867F 0BE77792)
  • Discord: Sir Griswold of MacElwain#7549
    (Feel free to add me as a friend even if we've never interacted. I'll probably accept the request. Then Discord will let you send me DMs even if we're not in any of the same servers.)
  • Steam: EkWingburn / Sir Griswold of MacElwain

Feel free to IM me on any of those, but if you do and I don't reply, please don't assume I received your message.

Old "canned comments" for use with the pro-forma user script

I haven't maintained these in years. Some don't reflect changes to Stack Exchange's user interface or other factors (e.g., we no longer think it's a good to bother people about "accept rate," a metric the system no longer shows).

Here they are: plaintext, jsonp.

Also, I don't claim personal authorship of them. Many are derived from defaults or those shared here. Some are identical to those.