Just a fanboy / geek most of my life, though like many of us nowadays you probably would not guess it about me until you saw me at the midnight showing in the best seats at John Carter of Mars (couldn't get those seats for Avengers), or until you saw my photos from my nation-wide backpacking tour of all the Lord Of The Rings filming sites in New Zealand. Thank the gods my wife is into this stuff too! LOL :D

Favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time: AVATAR

Favorite Fantasy movie of all time: The whole LOTR series (extended edition of course)

Favorite Sci-Fi TV show: The New DR WHO/s, though the wife and I talk about sitting through as many of the old series as we can one day. That said, I loved all of Firefly as well as all of Farscape.

Favorite Fantasy TV show: probably the HIGHLANDER TV series.

But all that said there are very few SciFi & Fantasy shows I miss, though I admit to neophyte level when it comes to Japanese Anime.

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