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n00dles aka Marc W BSc(Hons) Music Tech
Roles: Sound Designer/Audio Editor/Producer(/Artist)/Music Technologist/All round Sound-Guy[pun :)]
Experience: I've done studio work(Recording Engineer/Producer) for bands, mixing and mastering in analogue and digital studios, produced many EDM tracks, wrote music for video, cleaned dialogue, I've DJ'd for many years, but most of my work now involves MIDI, DAWs, VSTs, VSTis and my bottomless mug of tea (6 sugars please) :o

Personal Stuff:

I started creating and mixing music through dismantled electronic devices when I was 11 or 12 years old. I'd never heard of a 'sampler', but I managed to unwittingly build an analogue sampler while just trying to mix songs and sounds together when I was about 14. I had a set of decks for my 16th birthday and continued my musical journey by DJing. I played the first of many gigs when I was 16, which was an amazing night of local DJs playing Happy Hardcore, Drum & Bass/Jungle and Techno. It had that raw, unrehearsed, expectation-breaking feel you only get with non-commercial events. Events where everybody is there for the music. I realised I could elicit this feeling of ecstasy and euphoria through sharing this musical experience. As a DJ, the mixes between songs were more important to me than the songs - it's where the energy is built and where I could experiment and be artistic. DJing was like a drug, I had succumbed to the furious, unstoppable driving rhythm as well as the admiration of the crowd. I was never to be the same again.

I am now older and have a BSc(Hons) degree in Music Tech and many years' experience creating, editing and manipulating music and sound professionally, and just for the kicks. I went through a bad time in my early 20's which knocked me off my tracks, but now I'm past all that. I still DJ from time to time(and people still go nuts for the classics!). And yes, I still have all my original vinyls! :D (Why would anybody throw them away??)

"Creating sound through electronics is a truly magical experience"

Other Interests:

I love space, physics, hard Sci-Fi stories, Sci-Fi TV and movies, programming, gaming and engines. I love Star Trek, and my Favourite SF writer is Isaac Asimov. I've created Windows desktop apps (mainly C#/WPF), built websites(HTML/JavaScript) and Android Apps(Java), coded games(C#, Unity API, Pascal, Python, etc), built and programmed automated systems for myself and others(using Arduino boards), and all self-taught. I recently built and programmed a little robot called R.A.L.F. (Robotic Autonomous Little Friend) using an RPi board.
Last, but in no way least, I have two daughters who are my world :)

I hate quantum mechanics.

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