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Can Mods "Take Off Their Hats"?
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21 votes

Effectively, no. I'm also a mod on other SE sites. Once you're a mod, that diamond is attached - as the example question says - to everything you do and say. Like it or not, that gives your words ...

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Community Promotion Ads - 2016
16 votes

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Suspensions from chat with no notice
9 votes

N.B.: I am not the suspending mod, I am merely offering my take on the situation. I imagine this suspension came along partly as a product of the recent events in SFF chat. Under normal circumstances,...

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Is it possible to determine your average question and answer scores?
1 votes

Sure. Nice one-liner to paste into the Data Explorer: SELECT AVG(Score) AS [Average Score] FROM Posts WHERE OwnerUserId = ##UserId:int## Provides an average score across all posts. If you want to ...

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