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Do we need animal tags?
7 votes

I would say yes, probably. They help narrow things down. I however think they are useful ,but don't make or break the site. And a animal tag would be useful if there are a lot of questions about a ...

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Is it acceptable to migrate or cross-post questions that didn't get a (good) answer in the original SE?
Accepted answer
3 votes

This question should answer yours. And this one. I don't know whether your question is a duplicate,but a lot of questions that are asked on the anime and manga and Movies and tv SE's are either ...

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Does it ever seem like answering story identification questions quickly nets less reputation?
1 votes

I would say that maybe your right, but I would also say that a question that is answered immediately after a question is posted would get the most votes, potentially. This doesn't have to be a rule, ...

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