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Why was this question about hot button issues in Star Wars closed?
7 votes

umm... It's just the inverse of a list question. It and any other question like should be closed because it still has all the problems of a list question. We shouldn't take a "Did George R.R. Martin ...

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What should be done to the question which contain wrong spoiler?
5 votes

You should down vote the question. In this particular case, it looks like a straight up troll question. It appears that the question was asked just so the wrong info would be seen by people. ...

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Youtube usage policy
3 votes

First off, not a lawyer. That said, as long as our links to ANY site aren't breaking the TOS for that site, I don't see why we shouldn't allow them. Linking Wikipedia or Pottermore isn't any ...

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We need to take a look at list questions
2 votes

TL,DR Feel free to scroll to the conclusion section and read only that. Here's the reasons I think list questions are bad: I think that they run afoul of the idle curiosity clause in the FAQ. I can'...

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Editing Posts and Rollbacks
2 votes

I know why I have repeatedly rolled back your edits on my posts, I can't speak for anyone else. You have made multiple edits on my posts (At least two in recent times, a few others before the name ...

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Should we post a note that specific pieces of canon are not yet available to accompany "no info in canon" answers?
0 votes

Leaving aside the "Including the answer in the question", which is really bad form for these kind of things since it makes it look like people support the solution even if they upvoted because they ...

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Do we need to justify a "Does show X ever make references/crossovers to show Y" questions?
-1 votes

The reason that we shouldn't allow these questions is easy. They are always going to be list questions. The problem with list questions is they just don't fit well with this style of Q&A. Any ...

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