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===[ MODE:

Animal that can stand up on two legs and talk. Defective mutated autistic version.


Valedictorian of the computer science department at state university. Masters in computer and network security. It was fascinating training in how to hack stuff.


Astrophysics, SR, the Lambda calculus, circle inversion, Riemannian hypergeometry, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, secondary CBD cannibinoids, chocolate milk, and kitty cats.

I'm too stupid for GR.


I did magic tricks for amazed corporate retards. I also made a tricorder with blinking LEDs like on Trek. It had a REAL sensor that saw in invisible colors!

AI analysis of the gamma spectra told the feds whats in the rusty leaking barrels the Mafia dumped off Jersey.

Being smart just lets you see the ugliness.

Walked off nuc job after mispredicting a reaction--not of neutrons or shielding or skyshine; it was the reaction of the guy engineers to something I did. So I abandoned "humanity" because everyone except me is either evil or stupid--though curiously, never both.


Because knowledge is not power, I pretend to be a 24/7 sex slave in exch for free room & food in a group house for weird academics. Yes, 'fraid so. As an autistic, I suspect that it's supposed to feel wrong or bad or something. I'm not sure. It might be okay and I'm talking crazy.

I can't tell, see?

It's too bad you guys cant sell your dix; it makes a very easy life--laying in bed all day on endless vacation. I wish I knew about this gig 25 years ago.

I'm an astronaut in state space, rotating out of control, lost in time, lost in space -- and meaning.

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