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Vigneswara Prabhu
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  • Thane, Maharashtra, India

I am doing a Job that has nothing to do with my passions or stimulates me in any way. Nothing new there. I am someone who devotes half his time earning money to spend on my pursuits during the other half.

An aspiring Writer (for the past 5 years) and extremely moody. wishes to make most of his life, but is content to browsing through self help books & media without taking any action.

Risk averse; a frog in lukewarm cup of water. But staying Idle doesn't suite me. Like my mother, it makes me restless. so i am always doing..something. Reading, Writing, Learning. The challenge is, to make something of it. To make it something productive. Because I'm Afraid.

That soon i'll find myself staring back at a stranger at the end of the rope. One whom, after death, shall be remembered at most by 2 generations before fading to..obscurity. And that lack of agency for me to the world is terrifying.

You won't find me on any social media. Because i left half of them, and never joined the other half. Best decision of my life (So Far). Distancing myself from a crowd with the FOMO syndrome. Although part of it was getting sick of seeing others get on with life, while i seemed to stay stationary.

If you want someone to talk to, at an intellectual or personal level, about anything under the sun, that is not related to social media i am the person. I am a person who strives for many hundred acquaintances, and close friends one can count on two hands.

Love your family, respect your friends, never stop trying. Because what else is there to do, in this shallow, complex, sacred world.

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