Because you included the word 'you'. Any title with the words you, your, best, favorite/favourite, worst, and hardest get this warning. It's kind of outdated; see What algorithm does Stack Exchange use to determine if a question may be subjective? on Meta.SE.


I think this is relatively simple. If the question is "here's my theory; is there evidence within the canon material to support it?", I think it is okay. If instead the question is "here's my theory; what do you think?", it needs to be fixed. While I agree that a good version of a "pet theory" question should provide examples ...


Despite the comment I left, I actually thought your question was ok and had some grounds under good subjective, but it's definitely subjective. Case in point: I wouldn't find any episodes in TNG worth skipping, despite their reception. Perhaps you need to tackle this with a slightly different approach. The criteria of the episodes you don't want to miss is ...

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