I don't see us ever taking away the ability to report issues in chat or on our sites. If you want a free-for-all chat where anything and everything goes, Stack Exchange chat is not the proverbial droids you're looking for.


Because flagging does have real uses. If someone is coming in and legitimately name-calling, insulting users, and being disruptive, that's what flags are for. There is no perfect system, no way to prevent abuses of any system. But flagging is the system we have in place to prevent abuses of the chat room itself. Of course there will be those who want to ...


We don't resurrect comments unless there's a particularly compelling reason to do so, and "it was interesting" just isn't compelling.


No. The meta is for questions about Meta.SFF itself, and as such is a good tag to have. For instance, this tag is used for discussions about tags on Meta.SFF (Do we really need film/TV Show/Franchise tags in meta?, What's with all the closure tags?), bug reports specific to Meta (SSL Certificate Still Invalid, Cannot see my total reviews), and policy ...


No. This tag is for questions about Meta.SFF itself - certainly a valid topic of discussion for the meta site (since there isn't a scifi.meta.meta.stackexchange.com). It's not even being used inappropriately - I've checked through the last 30 questions with the tag, and all of them are about the meta site except one which was actually migrated here from ...


It is worth remembering that functionality specific to certain sites ... has limited value. Most sites don't really need this Age here is a pinky swear thing - primarily used for... well, nothing at all. There is a lower age limit for legal reasons, but no one's going to check if you're a very very serious, mature 12 year old pretending to be 20. SE ...


The NSFW tag Not the worst idea. This can already be done. It would be nicer if it didn't count against the five tags, but /shrug. I swear I'm an adult The proposed new functionality seems like overkill, and like a large amount of functionality we're unlikely to get. Instead, users can go to their tag preferences page and add any tag, such as nsfw to ...


You could rot-13 the spoiler: Lbqn vf Yhxr'f sngure! If you're feeling friendly, you could even link to a decoder/encoder.

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