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Can we fix broken Memory Alpha links?

Finally had a bit to get this taken care of. I poked around and noticed that there were 1920 outdated URLs that were redirecting (for most people) from to memory-alpha.fandom....
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Accepted links are broken

I have done a mass update to posts, post-history and comments for the following chakoteya urls: doctorwho → DoctorWho startrek → StarTrek nextgen → NextGen ds9 → DS9 voyager →...
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10 votes

Can we fix broken Memory Alpha links?

I've talked with the community team about this. Since the redirect seems to be working for almost everyone, they're putting it in the backlog and will get to it sooner or later. If the redirect breaks ...
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8 votes links are broken

Thanks for raising this problem. After seeing Jon Clements's comment, I've just sent an email to the Chakoteya site administrator to ask them whether they could possibly fix the URLs so that e.g. ...
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Now that ISFDB has (finally) turned on https, can we edit all relevant links in one fell swoop?

Thanks for flagging this. All of these links have now been updated.
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7 votes

Can we fix Wikia links before they break?

Unfortunately, while I recognize the importance of the change, there is not currently quite enough information here to proceed. This change affects ~28,000 links across the network. I am able to ...
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Meta sci-fi blog link wrong

The official-looking links in the footer were never intended to point off-site; that worked briefly for a short time on the main site because it was still pointing to the old Blog Overflow site, which ...
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