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"Gorilla vs Shark" was an analogy Jeff Atwood made to describe questions where the subject is too broad to provide a proper answer. See tag info for blog link. Use to discuss the scope of SFF questions that appear to have no definite answers.

Jeff Atwood (Stack Overflow co-founder) once blogged about the scope of questions. He entitled it Gorilla vs Shark

What serious, expert animal trainer would give Gorilla vs. Shark the time of day? This kind of question attracts the opposite of experts: people who aren’t serious animal trainers, but are willing to engage in idle speculation and discussiony generalities — rather than focusing on the real world, specific, honest-to-goodness questions they face in their day to day work. Any true expert who came to would be appalled to see a question like Gorilla vs. Shark appear on the homepage.

A prime example on Sci-Fi & Fantasy would be Could the Enterprise beam a vampire into a house she didn’t have permission to enter?

This is a serious question that has been bothering me. We all know that in most vampire lore, a vampire cannot enter a house without an invitation. It's like an unbreakable barrier. But what would happen if you used a transporter, like on the U.S.S. Enterprise, to beam a vampire inside a house, uninvited?

This fits the description of Gorilla vs Shark to a tee. There aren't any vampires in the Star Trek universe, and transporter rules are often malleable to what the given writers of an episode need. There's no objective way to answer this. Answers would be based entirely upon supposition, and thus opinion based.