Memory Alpha is not always correct. For instance, see this question that I asked: What's the deal with "marshmelons"? Read @N_Soong's answer first and then @Richard's. (In case @N_Soong reads this: it wasn't your fault, it was Memory Alpha's!) In my own answers, I use Memory Alpha mainly as "further reading" on episodes that I refer to. ...


Theoretically, Memory Alpha is a Wikia, meaning anyone can write anything random there. Therefore, mere wording from MA should not be used as canon source, especially specific nuances of wording (Wikia writers on SFF topics tend to have a strong tendency to take a short phrase/fact from canon, and spin a whole wider non-supported narrative around that fact). ...


One of the questions in the general reference flowchart is, Is the question basic and trivial, or is it complex and interesting? I really really don’t think that “Who is Tom Bombadil?” is in any way a trivial question.

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