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How to write a good story-ID answer?

As one of the site's top answerers of story-identification questions (by volume), I tend to follow a very simple process when answering. Movie ID Indicate the name of the film Indicate the year of ...
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List of common abbreviations

A Song of Ice and Fire and/or Game of Thrones Real life people D&D - Dan Weiss & David Benioff, Producers of the HBO adaptation GRRM - George R.R. Martin, writer and creator of the series On ...
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Can I ask a question about video game based scifi/fantasy?

Yes. Some SFF universes originating in video games that have active tags here include sonic-the-hedgehog, super-mario-brothers, pokemon, final-fantasy, mortal-kombat, halo, prince-of-persia, the-...
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How to write a good story-ID answer?

Any answer should include what and why. What is the answer? Can you identify the exact work? And why is that the answer? Does it match the description given? What In the case of story IDs, the what ...
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How do I search for questions on the site?

I attempt to find questions through using the more unusual Potter words: Fudge, instead of Minister; Galleon instead of money (in this instance, money may be better, it depends; Elder Wand instead of "...
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