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These edits are improving the posts so there is no action to be taken except, maybe, saying thank you for taking the time to do it. Wookiee and Wookieepedia are commonly misspelled and I know the editor in this case is going through correcting these typos. In your examples he also corrects old wikia links to the new fandom ones: a useful edit as we don’t ...


Finally had a bit to get this taken care of. I poked around and noticed that there were 1920 outdated URLs that were redirecting (for most people) from to While dummy checking this change, I noticed that 390 of these were actually but the new fandom URLs don't indicate English, it's ...


When looking at the page of questions, there are only three types of descriptions: Asked Answered Modified The first two are pretty straightforward. They refer, respectively, to newly asked questions, or newly answered questions. "Modified" covers any other type of activity on a post. Most of the time "modified" will be an edit, as that is simply the most ...


Per the Privileges page you need 10k for the access to moderator tools privilege. Inline tag editing Finally, you now have the ability to do inline tag edits on questions: a new "Edit tags" link will appear next to the tags on every question; clicking it brings up an inline editor for the tags on that question:

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