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Culling list and recommendation questions

After many discussions, it has been decided that questions calling for unending lists of works (or authors, etc) or more or less personalized recommendations are not acceptable. The site FAQ has been adapted accordingly.

In order not give the wrong impression of the site to new visitors, most of these questions should be deleted. I propose to

  1. close all these questions next week-end (Saturday 2011-03-05 or Sunday 2011-03-06)
  2. delete them a few days later

Closing and deleting off-topic questions is normally done by the community. This is a one-time cleanup now that we have an official FAQ.

Here is the list of the 80 questions tagged or as I write this. The number in parentheses is the number of answers. If you feel that a question is in this list but should not be deleted, or that a question not in this list should be deleted as per the faq, answer this question with a link to the question and an argument why it should/shouldn't be deleted.