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Why was this "general reference" question kept closed?

This question Where did Doc Brown get plutonium from? Was originally closed as "General Reference", presumably because the answer was largely covered in the same scene in the film. Since "general ...
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Why was this question closed and downvoted?

What is happening at a specific part in Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows? I'm specifically referring to the question version AFTER my edits that made it (hopefully) clear that he was asking for a ...
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Can we please reopen this question about NuSpock?

This question was originally closed as "Not Constructive", reopened, then closed again as "Opinion-based". Did Spock warn of disasters in the new Star Trek universe? Given that it's unlikely that ...
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Answer-based reopen request

A (somewhat common?) point that is made by Primarily-Opinion-Based close-voters is that we can close questions that we think have never been addressed, and simply reopen them when someone does come up ...
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