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Why is this question entering 'reopen review' over and over (and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over) again?

This question (Why are there so few bedrooms in the Burrow?) has been reviewed to reopen 11 times(!) You can see the timeline here, but the broad outcome is that it's gone through review nearly a ...
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Should the Dementors question be reopened?

Should this question be reopened? It was closed by two users (Jason Baker and Slytherincess) as a duplicate of Did ...
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Reopening Duplicated Question - Start creating Rules for tagging a question

Question Reference: What can stop a Lightsaber? [duplicate] Some weeks ago we were having a big discussion on a question of mine wether it's a duplicate or not. I am posting this without minding what ...
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Why was this "Rules of Acquisition" question closed?

Maybe I'm hyper-sensitive to this, but I'm smelling a bias against certain users who seem to have a name in common with a certain time-travelling robots troll (maybe it's even the same user, but I can'...
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Why would a question not appear in "Leave Open" Review queue?

I wanted to vote to "Leave Open" for this question: What would have happened if a younger student had gotten his name in the Goblet of Fire? , but couldn't find it in the Review Queue anymore. Why ...
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Should we have an etiquette for NOT "stealing" answers on reopened questions?

I have observed this several times (full disclosure: most recently happened to me. But I considered it a 1*&k move even prior to that event): User observes that a closed question is closed as "...
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If a certain work is found to be off topic, are questions on Sci-Fi elements also off topic?

I would like for this question to be reopened: How does Snoopy stay balanced on top of his doghouse? Shouldn't he fall down? Although the meta seems to have concluded that Peanuts are off-topic (...
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Why is question #41037 (spaceship repair) closed? This is a perfect question to generate an insightful synthesis-type answer classifying the repair types and giving mini-examples of ...
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Who determines if a post should be re-opened?

So who determines if a post should be re-opened? It seems that anyone can close a question, but re-opening is a different story.
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