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Should I delete my answer to a closed question?

So I answered a question and shortly after the question was closed because it was opinion-based. Should I remove my answer? I answered the question neatly and precisely, and I can't find anything ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Please, clarify Answer Deletion privilege clauses

Recently, my answer to this question was deleted by the community: After Tony Stark was stabbed mortally, Doctor Strange made a bargain with Thanos. He offered Thanos the Time Stone in exchange of ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is there ever a reason to remove on topic content?

In recent discussions there has been an ongoing argument made against removing low-quality content that is otherwise on topic. Since the crux of most of the objections raised against any changes in ...
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19 votes
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Let's talk about handling spam or rude/abusive posts

I keep a pretty close watch on spam and rude/abusive posts on this site, as much as is possible for a normal user without a diamond here, using the 10k tools and some other things that I use to watch ...
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