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For questions relating to upvoting posts. Always use in conjunction with the [voting] tag.

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Someone only upvoted my question once I accepted their answer (probably). Is this proper conduct?

On a question, I asked there was only one answer posted. It didn't really completely answer my question, so I did some further research and answered my own question. I accepted my answer because it ...
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Temporarily accepting an answer to give it more exposure?

Is there anything wrong with accepting an answer solely to place it at the top of the list for a while, with the intention of then unaccepting it? Oftentimes there might be an answer to a question ...
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Is this really a good answer?

This answer to this question doesn't seem to seriously address what's being asked, and looks to me like the responder is making a joke (aka a glorified comment). While I don't know much about the ...
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Is it considered fair to recommend that people upvote an answer if they feel it is worth it?

I have been after the elusive Populist badge for a long time. It has been almost a year now and it still remains elusive as the candidate answer is shy of one vote and I am getting desperate. While I ...
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If I up vote an answer that is negative, will the user still get the 10 points?

If an answer is say -5, and I up-vote it, will they still get the plus 10?
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1 point for upvote on answer? [duplicate]

I just got an upvote on an answer. In my reputation tab and in my total rep, it says I got 1 point for it. How is that possible? Is it a bug? It might be interesting that I did downvote an answer ...
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What's the most contentious question on scifi.SE?

I've had some doozies. By contentious, I mean the question with the most downvotes yet still positive overall. Is there a straightforward way to find it?
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13 votes
3 answers

Why do some one line story identification answers get so many upvotes?

I'm puzzled why sometimes very short answers to story identification questions get upvoted so highly. Sometimes there is only a title - with no justification as to why that is the correct answer. This ...
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1 answer

When should I be worried about rep increases?

In the last few days, I've seen an unusual pattern in my rep: very many1 (more than usual) of my questions have received a single upvote (but only a few answers). It could look like the votes of a ...
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