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What are distinctions between manga, manhua and manhwa as they relate to this site? How to know which to use, and how to tag?

In comments under this answer to Who is “Nine Lives Man”? (Push Comic) bronze sculpture I'd originally thought that manhua was an automatic spelling corrector's interpretation of a word meant to be ...
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What is the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy? [duplicate]

Both have hints of existence in life, however what is the difference? One is made up and want to have as (Fantasy) and the other is in the technology uncovered by Science or other lobotomy (Science ...
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What does "In-universe" mean? [duplicate]

I am new to this discussion and trying to wrap my head around the terms I see on this site. Certainly, "In-universe" comes up all the time. Does it mean in a certain version of a story. For example, ...
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How do I go about asking a question regarding what makes a story possible?

I'm thinking in particular about the Adjustment Bureau movie, and its base, the short story Adjustment Team, by Philip K. Dick. I would like to ask about the [this question] of these stories that ...
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What does "in-universe" mean?

I think I understand the general idea of the term, but I don't know if it is precise enough, or if there is an established consensus about this. In particular, I'd like to know: If the author of a ...
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List of common abbreviations

I've been actively using a few StackExchange sites for some months now, and it seems common for some users (especially the more experienced ones) to use abbreviations in their questions, answers and ...
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