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The [tag-blacklist-request] tag is to be used for discussion about deleting and removing tags.

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Is [meta] a bit too meta?

I have recently noticed on the Meta site there is a tag meta... This seems a bit redundant, we are already on the Meta site, so all questions or discussion here will be "meta". There is currently no ...
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Should we delete "plot-explanation" tag?

There are 113 questions tagged plot-explanation. It seems to be a meta tag (which as a concept is frowned upon on SE). Used extremely inconsistently (113 Qs tagged; and I'm quite sure there are at ...
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7 votes
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Please blacklist the [spoiler] tag

The spoiler tag keeps popping onto existence on random questions, even though it is meaningless and we do not advocate its use. The spoiler tag has been blacklisted on Gaming. Let's follow suit. (I ...
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Do we need a J.K. Rowling tag?

As for now, it looks like harry-potter will be the only fantasy work by jk-rowling. I think it is confusing because some questions are tagged only with the title name, while others are tagged with ...
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Blacklist the fantasy tag

I don't think I even need to explain why that is, but - just in case - here's an hyperlink.
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