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For questions asking for help with the use of one or more of the site's features.

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Is there a reason why so many sites have the same number of referrals?

I was taking a stroll through some site analytics today and something caught my eye in the traffic sources, that many (11 exactly) SE referring sites have exactly 776 visits. This seems to continue ...
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How is a question prefix determined?

Pick some question tagged harry-potter and voldemort like this: Why didn't the basilisk bite in Chamber of Secrets destroy the Horcrux? If you open it, the browser tab will be titled harry ...
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Why is my bold text not quite bold in Chrome, OSX?

Mac OSX, 10.7.4. Running Chrome. As you can see, my bold text is... not very bold. There is a little difference though. Happens to me in SciFi.SE only. SO is fine. I tested with Safari, and it ...
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Add a new tag for Apple TV+ "For All Mankind" series?

As I have understood (still new here), the current policy is that all individual works get their own individual tag; so, should we add a tag for the Apple TV+ alternate history series For All Mankind, ...
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Can't post images?

Whenever I try to add an image to a question on Google Chrome, this happens. I can't access the button to actually post the question. I have to switch to Firefox to add images. Is there anyway I ...
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How did this question get an answer after it was closed?

According to the timeline, the question Why haven't the Sith tried to harvest midichlorian? was closed as a duplicate at 19:51 UTC. It then received an answer at 20:00 UTC. Questions aren't ...
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How can I be notified of upvotes when I have reached the daily reputation cap?

I know that we have a daily cap on reputation gain, but this is not what I'm interested in. Pretty much like the title says, how can I be notified of the upvotes/downvotes in my posts when i have ...
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Why does chat only show up on the sidebar in meta, but not on the main site?

I don't see the XXXXX People Chatting Mos Eisley Agent of Nothing on the main site, yet it shows up on meta. Why is this? EDIT: I see it sometimes. Other times... it's gone.
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Are the desktop pop-ups feeds working properly?

When I hover over, for example, the Harry Potter tag, and I try and subscribe to the desktop pop-up feed (desktop pop-ups), which I had used for years, and which was an SE feature, and not a third ...
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I keep getting an error when I try to log into chat?

Since my browser doesn't allow for third-party cookies (which is a deliberate choice) I have to try to log into chat via -- however, repeated attempts simply yield a blank page (no ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How is this question duplicate?

This (now deleted) question; Why are most of companions of The Doctor humans? has been closed as duplicate of this question: Does The Doctor ever have a non-British companion or non-humanoid friend? ...
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2 answers

My question was closed and I don't understand why

My question was marked as a duplicate but the question that's been linked is asking something different so I don't understand why
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Why is the visited/not visited link color inverse than anywhere else?

Academia.SE SciFi.SE As you can see on the images, every site uses a rule that visited link is darker and less apparent than non visited one. I don't remember a site ...
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How can I view my top tags by period of time?

If I look at myself under the user's tab, I can see my top tags (how're they calculated, by votes?) for that period. These are my top tags for this week (starting 27/8/12). How can I view these ...
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Should [star-trek-emh] be renamed [emergency-medical-hologram]?

The tag for The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, officially the Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I, is currently star-trek-emh. Since we can use longer tag names for quite a while now, should we rename ...
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