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Rejection of story-identification edit that adds references demonstrating the correctness of the answer

I suggested an edit which was rejected. I would like some input on whether this sort of edit is desired, and what the recommended course of action would be from here on. The edit: https://scifi....
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I see Britain, I see France, I see Wonder Woman's... satin tights?

So I'm curious on what the community thinks about the latest hot question being edited From Have there ever been 25 or more stars on Wonder Woman's panties? To Have there ever been 25 or more ...
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Tag wikis from Wikipedia [duplicate]

Recently, I had some suggested tag wikis rejected (fairly) because they were copy-pastes from Wikipedia. But today, I saw the tag wiki on the zombieland was an exact copy-paste from Wikipedia. Why ...
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Asked to review someone else's edits?

I appreciate the compliment, apparently someone asked me to review someone else's edits. I wasn't the original poster of the message, nor the editor of the original post, nor a commenter or answerer ...
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