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Questions tagged [story-identification]

For questions relating specifically to posts with the [story-identification] tag on the main site.

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Could we cover hints for asking story-identification questions in the help center?

We get a lot of story-identification questions. Many of these are asked with too few details. When this happens, we have to ask the user explicitly to edit the question later. This comes up often,...
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8 votes
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How should we handle [story-identification] questions that are word-for-word duplicates (or slightly reworded versions) of a prior question?

There are these two story-identification questions that seem to be asking to identify the same thing: Anime with boy who can grow crystals on his body, posted in July 2021 and currently unanswered ...
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6 votes
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Can we direct people from the [story-identification] tag excerpt to story-id hints?

As you know, many people post story-identification questions with insufficient details, when they would have to spend only a little more effort to write a much better question, if only they got some ...
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