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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Should a Down Vote require a comment?

Would it be a reasonable to require Down Votes on questions (and maybe answers) force the user to first leave a comment, or mark an attached comment as great? This would be to help prevent blind ...
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Why doesn't the "visit chat" link go straight to the chat room?

If I press the Visit Chat button I end up in all rooms. Why not link directly to the sci-fi chat room? This should also be the case for the chat word at the top of the screen (between name / badges +...
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Can I please get the deleted comments made on this question? [closed]

Comments made on this question have been deleted: Why did Lucas choose the word "Force"? I want to get a deleted comment which was a scolding full of alien terms. Is this possible to get ...
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Can we add a URL field to "General Reference" VTC reason?

Similarly to how "Duplicate Q" VTC reason requests you to enter the URL of a duplicate question, can we also have a URL be requested (or even required) when voting a question as a general reference? ...
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Where can I see what Community♦ did to a question?

Sometimes a question pops up on the main page with the last touch being done by the Community♦ user (e.g. 2h ago Community♦ 1). But if you click on the question itself you don't see any modification ...
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Add physics.SE as an option for questions "that don't belong here"

I was reviewing the question and agreed with one of the comments that it might be better placed (with ...
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Add Spaceship and Robot in background image

Current background image is also nice. But, it looks like something magical, old & religious. The tech touch is missing or overwritten. The image is full of interstellar space & two planets. ...
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Introduce NSFW tag and lock all questions tagged with it

This site has stormy relationship with adult questions: Should we have a policy on questions about adult topics in SFF? Sometimes, I feel like we are fighting with a virtual problem. Do we have ...
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