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Answers sorted by votes and acceptance

When I view the answers to this question, sorted by votes, the accepted answer appears at the top, although it has only 14 votes, and the other answer has 24. Fine, that's what I expected, acceptance ...
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'My tags' tab in 'questions'

The Unanswered tab can be sorted by 'my tags', which is very useful. I'd love to have that option in the Questions tab. I know I can search for a tag, e.g. [lord-of-the-rings], and my tags are ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why aren't my high voted questions showing up when I sort the questions page by votes?

I have a question that I was trying to see what its ranking was with respect to vote count, but when I sort the site by votes on the questions page, it skips over my question (as well as all my other ...
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