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Have we had ANY professionals participate in SFF?

Are/were there any SFF professionals (writers, or movie people) who posted on this site? By professional, I mean someone who did a paid job involved with producing SFF content.
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Futurama Week + Q&A Event on July 11th!

SciFi.SE has partnered with Comedy Central to promote Futurama's upcoming season. We're declaring Futurama the topic of the week for the next week and, after that, we're launching a special Futurama ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Should we opt in for the special Hat Dash promo?

Just recieved the following email from Stack Exchange, and wanted to know if you guys think we should participate: Last year, on our Gaming site, we hosted an event called Hat Dash, where users ...
26 votes
3 answers

Let's promote SFF on other sites!

In all the excitement of posting and voting on ads for other sites here on SFF, I almost forgot about the possibility of advertising SFF itself! Similar Community Promotion Ad lists have gone up on ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How do we promote our site?

One of the 7 essential questions is how can we promote our site. There are some generic suggestions from the StackExchange team, but probably there are things that we can do that are specific here, ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Answerama, the Futurama mini-site, is live!

Answerama is live! Check out the site. Our awesome designer Jin Yang really knocked it out of the park, as did balpha and Lauren on the dev end. Keep an eye out, because later you will see that ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Has Stack Exchange stopped running contests?

In the prior years, I recall SE running a series of assorted contests (per topic, overall site participation) with prizes on the line. Then this stopped completely. Is there an "official" statement ...
14 votes
3 answers

How can we get more "Popular Questions"?

UPDATE : Now the site has graduated and the user count increased, there is no need to artificially create popular questions. As I predicted before : Once we reach the critical mass, those question ...
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9 votes
22 answers

Hat suggestions 2012 [closed]

Since we opted in to the hat promotion thing, I thought it would be a good idea to vote which site-specific hats would be most wanted by the community. It seems to be unclear if and how many hats we ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Where are the hats? (2013 edition)

Last year around this time Stack Exchange had a promotion called Winter Bash. Will it be returning this year?
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5 votes
9 answers

Reverse Community Promotion Ads 2013

I noticed there is a fair amount of suggested Community Promotion Ads that was rightfully discarded (i.e. mod-deleted) because it advertises the main site. I agree that this is redundant, since the ...
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2 answers

How many users did we get from Reddit?

DavRob60 posted this on Reddit. And we suddenly had a huge explosion of views. Did this translate into any new users?
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