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Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.

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Gorilla vs. Shark - a Longer Explanation

An issues that has come up recently, that seems to recur every so often, is the question of what constitutes a "Gorilla vs. Shark" question on SF&F. We know such questions are off-topic, ...
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Scifi Stack Exchange is now "Science Fiction & Fantasy"

ANNOUNCEMENT: This site has been officially renamed "Science Fiction and Fantasy". While both subjects were generally considered on topic, the fantasy genre is now explicitly integrated into this ...
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Why was this question closed as "General reference"?

This question was closed - by a unilateral moderator vote - as "General Reference". Question ...
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Why was this time-travel Potter question closed?

This question about whether characters can be brought back to life in the Potter universe was closed. None of the closers left a comment explaining why they closed the question. Why was this closed? ...
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Why was the question about All Halo Books List (100702) closed again, after it was re-opened?

Ok, so the question, Is there a list of all Halo-related reading?, was closed and then re-opened, after a bit of discussions in the comments section. The question was then re-closed very soon after. ...
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Are questions asking for specific generic SFF resources on-topic

I saw several questions over the time that ask for: "Looking for web sites/databases serving as genre-wide compendiums of XXX" On one hand, these are, by form, arguably off-topic due to being "list" ...
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Artificially limiting list length to get around "not constructive"

It is very well established (throughout Stack Exchange) that "list questions" are "not constructive". As indicated by the votes (caveat: I just upvoted this answer) for this answer for limited list ...
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Why was this question not closed/reopened?

What influence did H.P. Lovecraft have on science fiction? The main part of the question explicitly asks "can HPL be considered SciFi?" The title was edited by Gilles to be ontopic, but it doesn't ...
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How does this question fail the "related directly to a cited work of fiction" criterion?

The question How is Accio a safe spell? is closed with the following close reason: Questions seeking scientific solutions or explanations are off-topic unless related directly to a cited work of ...
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