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Bug: editing my bio pulls up some old version

When I try to edit my bio for the site, SE pulls an older version of it. My bio starts with "Currently building iDoRecall" but when I edit, I get an older version starting with "As a full-stack ...
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Incorrect text colouring on earned bounties in the Reputation tab

Looking at my Reputation tab for yesterday when I earned a bounty and the text of it is green, same as normal positive reputation events, and it has the blue bounty background. I believe it should ...
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Show comment upvotes on activity tab

Not sure if this would happen here or in the higher SE site, but I was wondering if would be possible to show comment votes when viewing comments we've left in the activity tab. For example, I often ...
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Rep on profiles is misaligned according to whether a location is displayed

I've noticed this bug recently with the way user profiles are displayed on the list of all users: The user's rep and badges show up beneath their location if there is a location. But when there isn't,...
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How can I view my top tags by period of time?

If I look at myself under the user's tab, I can see my top tags (how're they calculated, by votes?) for that period. These are my top tags for this week (starting 27/8/12). How can I view these ...
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