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How much vulgarity is too much? [duplicate]

I've been on this site for 11 months now and have deducted that vulgar language has been generally looked down upon here. But there have been instances where I have come across people(not naming them) ...
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Is it acceptable to use an NSFW word in a question?

I can't find a FAQ or anything that spells out a policy on the use of four letter words. Is profanity in direct quotes from source material permitted? from 6 years ago seems to imply direct quotes are ...
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Inappropriate content? Seriously?

With the profanity discussion going on, I posted an xkcd strip in chat which was even starred! The system decided this was inappropriate and answered: your account has been automatically suspended ...
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Is profanity in direct quotes from source material permitted?

I've just seen the question “Exorcist” possession: when and why? which contains a direct quote from the source material that contains profanity. This question was later edited "before it got flagged ...
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