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Is there any reliable source for Harry Potter other than the books and interviews?

When I first started on this stack last year I quickly learned three things about Harry Potter: The Harry Potter wiki is complete garbage. Anyone caught citing it in an answer would be burned at the ...
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Quoting personal insider knowledge of production for an answer

I got this answer where the answerer says they have a friend who works on the production of a show. Based on a scene that was allegedly included in the production, the answerer hints at an answer. If ...
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Time for a clear consensus on Wookieepedia

It seems to be widely accepted that Wookieepedia is not an acceptable primary source of information, but I think it would be helpful to have a go-to verdict that says so for easy reference. What is ...
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What exactly is the standing of information from Memory Alpha?

I understand that there are a few related questions on meta. I understand that we no longer close as "general reference". What I don't understand is, to what degree do we consider Memory Alpha a ...
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Why is linking ST questions to ST-Minutiae rather than to Memory Alpha better?

I have noticed, that many high-rank users, when asking or answering about particular Star Trek episode, are always or nearly always linking to episode's script (pure textual screenplay) at ST-Minutiae ...
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Google Books as a text source?

Given that Google, on occasion, shuts down their little projects- should I be using their Books subsite as a source? I did it twice in an answer here, and I get antsy with overly-long generated ...
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Is information from Pottermore considered canonical?

Pottermore is now open to the public. Is information from that site considered canonical? Are we allowed to quote from that site when answering HP questions? Presumably all the content is approved ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Primary sources vs wikis?

I notice a number of questions in the HP and LotR areas (just because they're the ones I focus one) get answers containing links to the respective wikis that exist for both of these universes. I was ...
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Notability of sources

In the 'Wheel of Time' series, what is the game of stones? was answered by Teknophilia with: It looks like Robert Jordan said that it was made-up game, but that is was meant to resemble GO. He ...
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