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For questions about locked questions or answers: either site policy about when a post should be locked, or questions about a specific locked post.

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Do we still need to keep this thread locked?

I recently noticed What was the first work to posit the equivalence of magic rituals and computer algorithms? being pushed to the front page. Currently, every answer is locked (maybe due to spam edits ...
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Why was this answer left locked open?

This heavily downvoted and mildly offensive answer was initially deleted by myself and two other high-reputation users. It was then subject to a meta discussion by the OP who felt that it had been ...
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Is there still a content dispute on this question?

I was browsing the list of locked posts and noticed this one: Is Harry related to Ginny by blood? The question had multiple edits and was eventually locked, with a notice of a content dispute. That ...
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Rules for a duplicate post deletion

Is there an actual rule that says a person that created a post is not allowed to delete it as long as it is marked as a duplicate? If the answer is yes then you should change the system, so the ...
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