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Is there any way to see all my answers quoted by some other users?

Recently I saw an answer from another user where they had quoted one of my answers within theirs. It felt nice. So that had me wondering, is there any way to see all my answers that are quoted ...
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wrong vote score in sidebar

Looking at the sidebar in this meta question, the post Stepping down as Moderator is listed twice - once in the "linked" section, and once in the "related section". However, the scores displayed on ...
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Q: When marking as duplicate, shouldn't the duplicated question be linked?

I asked Why did Obi-Wan..?, and the question was marked as duplicate. This is fine, I realized it may be a duplicate when I asked it, but was unable to find the question so asked myself. I think it ...
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What is the difference between Linked questions and Related questions?

When I browse the site (chrome or firefox most of the time) a list of questions appears on the right side. It's divided in two categories: linked and related. The number of questions in the Linked ...
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