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A question was chosen as a Hot Network Question simultaneously 26 times, according to the revision history

Why is this chapter called “The Lightning Struck Tower”? was chosen as a Hot Network Question. Not very odd, but what is odd, as you can see, is that this action was recorded 26 times. I checked the ...
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Is there a way from keeping GoT spoilers out of the Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Is there any sensible way to stop questions whose titles spoil information about new Game of Thrones episodes from appearing in the hot network questions? Not everyone has seen the last episode.
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Unnatural amount of views on a question

I asked a question today , and in about 6 hours it got about 850 views ( as it reads in the description ). I wanted to know whether its a glitch since none of the other questions that were asked ...
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Is it acceptable to edit in "This answer is wrong" header into a wrong but upvoted answer?

Thanks to Yet Another Hot Question List Ignorance Incident, we have a question with an answer that is 100% wrong and contradicted by canon, yet upvoted to 50+ upvotes. So far, I posted a correct ...
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Can we somehow either opt out of Hot Network Questions, or prevent people from voting when that happens?

Case in point: Why does Yoda mourn the Jedi after Order 66 is executed? The question itself is actually pretty good and insightful. However, the answers are clearly subpar. They are not bad, but ...
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