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Review links for fourth custom close reason

A proposed wording for our "out of scope" close reason is being constructed at this other meta question but it needs some links to be considered ready to go. I've simply linked to the help ...
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Editing the Tour and Help Centre

Please check the following main meta question about what parts of the Tour and Help Centre are editable in detail. For a quick rundown though: Tour: Introduction paragraph Tour: The "Ask about......
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Why was this answer downvoted?

My question is motivated by this answer by a new user: A score of -3 seems like a great way to drive away new users; how did this happen? Naturally, we ...
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Is asking about Sci-Fi games on-topic? [duplicate]

According to the Help Center: What topics can I ask about here? Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is for questions targeted towards science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. This includes ...
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Should the help center explicitly define "fantasy"?

This is not about this site's scope. I'm asking this because two questions a week apart seemed to share the same misconception about what "fantasy" was, seeming to take the general sense of the word ...
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Add help for Markdown spoiler tags in the formatting help

Is it possible to get some more "help" added to the Formatting help page particularly for Spoiler markdown? For example, it would be useful to be able to see how to put new lines and empty lines in a ...
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