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Questions tagged [gorilla-vs-shark]

"Gorilla vs Shark" was an analogy Jeff Atwood made to describe questions where the subject is too broad to provide a proper answer. See tag info for blog link. Use to discuss the scope of SFF questions that appear to have no definite answers.

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23 votes
1 answer

Gorilla vs. Shark - a Longer Explanation

An issues that has come up recently, that seems to recur every so often, is the question of what constitutes a "Gorilla vs. Shark" question on SF&F. We know such questions are off-topic, ...
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21 votes
4 answers

Does "Elephant Vs Terminator" = "Gorilla Vs Shark"?

This question : Is an elephant stronger than a terminator? instantly attracted 5 votes to close for being 'primarily opinion-based'. Several of the commenters made reference to the classic 'Gorilla ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Inconsistency in Gorilla vs Shark closing?

We've discussed Gorilla vs Shark. The majority seemed to conclude that we don't like those kind of questions. Right now we have a question that was just closed for this reason: Can Wolverine beat The ...
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