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How do I add a feed for a tag in a chat room?

If I want, say, all [lord-of-the-rings] posts to go to my chat room, what do I do in the add feed bit? What URL do I paste there?
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There seems to be a problem with meta.SFF.SE posts not feeding into SFF chat

This was reported by @Slytherincess on chat, and I don't think I recall recent meta posts appearing either. Regular SFF questions appear, but with sometimes long delay,
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Question feeds into chat

See this example. A few days ago the formatting for the question feeds into chat were broken. They were posting, but the layout was missing the avatar, vote count, etc. just like that linked example ...
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Is it possible to have meta questions appear in the main question feed?

This is to encourage more users to participate in meta. I'm asking whether it is both technically possible and whether it is appropriate: Since meta questions are relatively few, is it possible to ...
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