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Are joke comments not wanted?

I posted a comment on this question yesterday: Are self-sealing stem bolts a Star Trek in-joke? It was meant as a joke, and I don't think it was offensive. The last I looked, it had about 20 upvotes. ...
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Guardians of the Flame ur-answer unaccepted

Generally, our policy for closing story-id dupes is that only accepted answers can be marked as dupes, or can be marked as the answer that the others are dupes of. The various Guardians of the Flame ...
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Will the moderator who has been deleting my comments kindly contact me?

On my comment on an answer to this question, I received a reply yesterday which apparently indicated that the responder didn't understand that the comment was intended to be humorous. So I replied, ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why were these comment flags declined, while the comments were deleted?

I flagged a number of comments on Wad Cheber's answer to the question what technologies were predicted by Back to the Future II. There was a discussion about the source of some statements that had ...
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Where did all the comments go on this question about the Hulk and SHIELD?

I recently posted a comment on this question: Why doesn't S.H.I.E.L.D. put Hulk on the index and lock him away? that included a link to some information about what the OP was asking. I did not ...
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