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Do we want to require CW answers on (any? some? all?) mass-ID questions?

We've had a number of questions on this site of the form "Here's a picture with dozens of characters/items from sci-fi and fantasy - can you identify them all?" Such questions have generally been ...
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Is it acceptable for the community to use an answer as Community wiki when it is not marked as such?

Specifically I am talking about this question, the answer to which is getting a lot of suggested edits from new users along with some from veteran users. The question's nature is kind of too-broad (...
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Why was my flag ("un-make this answer Community Wiki") refused?

This answer was posted a few days ago. The OP decided to make it into a Community Wiki answer because they wanted to "disown" it because they felt that their answer... "isn't worth the votes". ...
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Can this post be un-community wiki-ed?

Bit of a boring one, this one. As per this can a moderator please change this post back to a Dark Lord post from a community wiki? I'm on mobile and I simply pressed the wrong button. I assumed I'd ...
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Should we make this answer Community Wiki?

Is there an official Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing order? This answer is an ever-growing list which looks good for community wiki thing. Other users update the answer time to time (when new MCU ...
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2 answers

What are the guidelines for marking an answer as community wiki?

The title is pretty self-explanatory. My interest was triggered by this post; although the OP accepted my answer, I feel like it could be greatly improved by adding other examples, simply because it ...
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What's the best course of action for my Hogwarts question?

My question ("What changes have been made to Hogwarts throughout the series?") asks for some details from the movies about the changes in Hogwarts castle from film to film. What's the best way to ...
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Reputation points for dewikified answers

If my answer is made community wiki because I revised it too many times, and if I get a moderator to dewikify it, will I eventually get the reputation points for upvotes received while the answer was ...
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2 answers

Can a moderator prevent my answer from becoming a CW?

I'm still writing my answer to Is there a canon explanation for how Proton Torpedoes were able to turn 90 degrees at the end of Star Wars: ANH but I've hit 9 edits already. I keep finding new bits ...
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Should mods remove the Community Wiki status of posts that were improved several times by the original author (or others)?

I made a query to List Non-Closed Community Wiki Posts and I checked 2 random ones: Why doesn't a blackhole destroy a Stargate? How many different Enterprises were there? They seem to have ...
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